The wedding is that special moment when every bride deserves to look beautiful. However, makeup is an essential part of every bride-to-be. Make-up shades should be chosen as per the complexion of a person. It is pretty hectic to get that perfect look on the big day. This make-up schedule happens to be more hectic if the bride has a dark complexion. However, the truth is if you are blessed with such complexion then you are one of those lucky ones.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Black complexioned Women

Here are some bridal makeup tips which are really helpful to make you ready for that big day:

Choose the right foundation

Pick up a foundation that suits your skin the best and also the complexion. To know whether the foundation is right or not try it on the jaw-line or the forehead instead of hand. Go for the shade that is darker than your skin shade. Always go for matte foundations as they do the makeup wonders.

The right eye-shadow palette

Try to apply the dark colours like purple, metallic colours, copper and burgundy. These dark or metallic colours are appropriate for dark skin tones. Smoky eyes are also recommended but in this case, you need to blend the shadow colours well. Golden and bronze toned eye-shadows are excellent for the dark complexion bride as it will add elegance to the look.

The right shade of lipstick

Matte finish lipsticks are best for darker complexions. Some of the colours that go well with these type of ladies are burgundy, pink, beige, chocolate, plums, gold, etc. Nowadays, the shades of reds and nudes are in the fashion. Thus, you can also give a shot to a matte red or some nudes for the wedding day.

Powder Foundation

A liquid foundation blends well in the darker skin tone than powder foundation. Application of powder based foundation will make the skin look oily and shiny. In order to work your foundations well on your skin dilute it a bit with drops of water. For enhancing the lighter tone apply a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation.

Moisturizing skin

In case your skin is extremely dry always apply a moisturizer prior to the application of foundation. A mixture of moisturizer and foundation on your skin will radically improve the outcome of the foundation.

Good Concealer

Go for the concealer that works well on your skin and is successful in hiding the dark circles, blemishes or other dark spots.

Shining Tear Ducts

Shining or glittering tear ducts are in-trend. Try to wear those so that your eyes appear brighter. It is especially suggested for those who have small eyes as these ducts help to look the eyes bigger.

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